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On Trump and the Election: A Young Latina’s Perspective

Guest Writer: Naomi Sanchez, Age 16/An Opinion Piece

Authors Note:

Have you ever had thousands of words just flying in your head, but you just can’t place them together in a coherent stream of thought?

If you know the feeling, then you can relate with how I am feeling writing this.

Writing this is on my list of the top 10 hardest things I’ve ever done; I’ve spent hours meditating and pondering how to start this, I’ve spent hours crying over this, I’ve spent hours writing rough drafts, I’ve spent hours discussing and asking advice for this, I’ve devoted a part of myself to this, and I hope that’s enough to get some respect.


This week at school, my crazy APUSH (AP US History) teacher, had my classmates and I do an activity called, Speed Dating. Don’t worry, it’s not actual speed dating, it was an activity were he had each us portray and research a famous reformer during the First Industrial Revolution, and then we had to get to know all of the other reformers everyone else was portraying, but we had only 2 minutes per reformer and the objective was to find a perfect match for your person. I was honored to portray: Lucy Stone.

When I portrayed Lucy Stone, I had to tell people who she was.

“Lucy Stone was an abolitionist and suffragist. She was the first woman to graduate college in Massachusetts, she went on strike for equal pay for men and women, she was apart of the first National Women’s Rights Convention, she was a lecturer on Women’s Rights and Slavery, and she loved debating and public speaking about slavery and women’s rights.”

I came to realize that I am a lot like her, and she inspired me to evaluate who I am and what I would list myself as.  

I am a Woman

I am a Follower of Christ

I am a Vegetarian

I am a Feminist

I am a Debater

I am a Teenager

I am a Latina

I am a Daughter

I am a Sister

I am a Friend

I am a Cousin

I am a granddaughter

I am a Niece

I am a Pastor’s daughter

I am a Teacher’s daughter

I am a Pet Owner

I am an Animal Lover

I am a Democrat

I am an Environmentalist

I am a Student

I am an Activist

I am a Poet

I am a Writer

These things are just a few of the things that make me; Me.

I am proud to be each and every one of these things, they come together and make me who I am and my parents taught me to never be ashamed of who I am.

This is a list of who I am, I challenge you to make a list of who you are and post it in the comments. Your list is going to be different from mine, your spouse, your siblings, your best friend. The point is; no one’s list is going to be the same. This isn’t a bad thing, we should celebrate our differences and respect them.

The same goes for our opinions, a lot of times it’s the things that make us who we are that shape our opinions.

It is close to impossible to find someone who is going to agree with everything you believe in. I think sometimes we forget that and we let our differences in opinions bring out the ugly in us.

When you read this, don’t let it bring out the ugly in you, but don’t let it silence you. If you disagree with me, then go ahead, challenge my thinking. If you agree with me, then go ahead, say something of agreement. BUT, be wise and respectful with your comments and opinions.

Keep in mind, we are all different and think differently and that’s okay.

The Blog:

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that a lot has been happening in our country.

For those people who are like Patrick the Star, and have been living under a rock, here’s what happened: Drake and Rihanna Broke up!

No, I’m just kidding. You can’t expect to read my blog post without it containing some humor.

On a serious note, I am actually referring to the recent 2016 presidential election, in which, Donald J. Trump won (alongside his VP, Mike Pence.)

If you know me personally, you probably know that I have no problem voicing my opinions (even when it comes to politics.) From that, you should gather that I’m very honest and straightforward. I will try my absolute best not to offend anyone, and if I do offend anyone, I apologize in advance. I have been offended by many, but this doesn’t mean that I have the right to offend anyone back, I consider myself too mature to do so. But, if you take it a step further and offend my family, that’s where I draw the line. That’s when my fingers start to hit the keyboard. And that’s what I am doing right now.

So here’s what I have to say and I am going to say it straight-up

Donald Trump is our next president:

A man who is currently charged for child rape on young girl, a man who says he “grabs women by the pussy”, a man who accuses Mexicans of being “murders and rapists who steal American’s jobs”, a man who ignores the hard-working middle class who are trying to advance, a man who is a borderline fascist, a man who uses western expansionism to exploit and appropriate cultures, a man who justifies the hegemonic patriarchy and their misogynistic words to women, a man who ignores the potential environmental catastrophes that gravely affect the poor and marginalized, a man who is living proof that neoliberalism, colonialism, and imperialism exists in today’s society, a man who pushes an islamophobic and homophobic agenda, a man who some of the people- I know and trust- think will be a great president just, because he has the label “pro-life” on his back.

First thing, He is charged for child rape on young girls.

Think about your daughters, your sisters, your nieces, all the young girls in your life. I cannot fathom how you can be okay and comfortable with the idea that our national leader is charged with child rape. What if it was your daughter, or your sister who was raped, would you still be a Trump supporter or okay with the idea of him running our country?

Second thing, He says he “grabs woman by the pussy” and justifies the hegemonic patriarchy and their misogynistic words to women.

Anyone out there who identifies as a woman, and is a Trump supporter should be ashamed. You see, writing this section alone, brings tears to my eyes. How am I, a 16-year-old woman, supposed to be okay, with a man who says such vulgar and misogynistic words to be our president? I don’t understand how people can even support and respect such a pig.

For the men out there who support Trump, you don’t understand what being a woman and living in this society is like. You don’t understand how it feels to be acknowledged as a lower form. Every day I have to fight to be heard and every day I am challenging the patriarchal system that oppresses me and wants me to conform to their idea of what a woman should be like. I have to fight for respect, because there are people out there who think that your anatomy defines whether you should be in the workplace or not, that your anatomy defines if your voice is heard or not, that your anatomy defines how much you should be getting paid, that your anatomy defines your social value. I think otherwise, I am an independent, strong, and intelligent woman. I am NOT going to settle and I am NOT going to depend on a man to show me my value and I am NOT going to allow the patriarchy and misogyny to define who I am and I am NOT okay with Trump as my president.

Third thing, He accuses Mexicans  to being “murders and rapists who steal American’s jobs” and uses western expansionism to exploit and appropriate cultures.

I am a Latina (half Mexican and half Puerto Rican), and I am an activist on racism and cultural exploitation/appropriation. When Trump speaks on minority races (such as, latinos and blacks), my mouth gets the best of me (a trait I get from my mother), but I’ll do my best to not lash out. I love philosophy and discussing things like anti-blackness, colonialism, cultural exploitation, binary opposition, cultural imperialism, and heroism, but for the sake of this blog post I will not be talking about these things too much. Trump and white nationalists see Latinos and Blacks as a lower form of human, you can see this throughout history. Even though we have had advancements, such as the Emancipation Proclamation and Civil Rights Movement, we still see white supremacy and racism in our society today. We should be aiming for progression, and when I think about Trump as our President, I don’t see any signs of progression, instead I see hate speech and racism. The idea of this scares me, but what scares and saddens me more, is that fellow Latinos/as voted for him and support him.

Fourth Thing, He ignores the hard-working middle class who are trying to advance and he is a borderline fascist. He is also living proof that neoliberalism and imperialism exists in today’s society

If you actually research his tax plan, you can see that it is inherently flawed. The flaws in his tax plan and economic stances will destroy any hope for the middle (and lower) class, because it mainly gives benefits to the wealthy (which is majority white.) This division is economic class, can dramatically affect the economy and resembles fascism and neoliberalism.

Fifth Thing, He ignores the potential environmental catastrophes that gravely affect the poor and marginalized.

God created this Earth for us, and it is our job to protect it. If we are polluting it with carbon emissions and damaging it, then it is our job to fix these problems. Global warming is real, and if we don’t do something about, our future generations are going to be the ones weeping over the consequences.

Sixth Thing, He pushes an islamophobic and homophobic agenda.

A girl I know didn’t wear a hijab to school the day that Trump was elected, because her father was afraid of what would happen to her. This breaks my heart, how people are afraid to be persecuted because of their religion. When it comes to homophobia, we need to keep the word Love in mind. Jesus loves all people, no matter their race, gender, or sexuality. He loves everyone. Pence said, “We in Indiana, are following the message of scripture. Jesus would never have welcomed a sinner into his workplace.” Did he forget about all of scriptures that says how we are all sinners? We all have things about us that make us sinners, so don’t act like you are better than a LGBTQIA+ person, because you are a heterosexual. Learn to love everyone, no matter their sexuality.

Seventh Thing, He got Christians to think he will be a great president because he has the label “pro-life” on his back.

I don’t understand how people can assume Republican equals Christian, or that anyone who is Pro-Life equals Christian. These are logical fallacies.

Here’s the proof, if Trump would have announced that he is pro-choice, he would have lost millions of votes. As Christians (although I don’t like that word, because I think Jesus is greater than Religion, watch that spoken word to understand what I mean), we tend to distance ourselves from politics and allow ourselves to be easily manipulated. Guess who’s a master at manipulation; Trump. He knows that labeling himself as pro-life, allows him to get Christian votes. But the thing is, it’s a lie to adhere to the Republican party platform and get votes. Even if it were true he wouldn’t change anything once he gets to the oval office due to the court case Roe vs. Wade, that made the decision that it was unconstitutional to disallow women to make decision. Sorry to burst the bubble, but abortion is not Trump’s top priority.

I am personally against abortion, but I’m pro-choice and will defend a woman’s right to choose. We were made by God and given the ability to choose. We were given Freedom. What we do with our freedom is on us, and no one can make decisions and choices for us. You can look at it through the lens of religion, although you might not agree with Buddhism, you still defend the First Amendment that allows you to have freedom to practice any religion, which allows Buddhism. You are not agreeing to the religion, but you are agreeing that a person has the right to choose. The same goes for Abortion.

Also, abortion and gay marriage aren’t the only things that make up politics. Don’t align yourself with a party just because they are pro-life and anti-gay marriage.

Another flaw, although republicans are (typically) pro-life, they are also pro-death penalty. In the bible, it says talks about the sanctity of all life. Does this not include an adult criminal’s life?

For those Christians out there who say that the republican party represents Christian faith, ask yourself: What is the overall theme and purpose of the Bible? I’d say it’s Love. Now ask yourself, Does Trump represent love? Does the republican party represent love? When Trump says misogynistic, racist, islamophobic, and homophobic hate speech- is that love? Are any of these things love? I’d say no, they aren’t. So, what does Trump represent? In my opinion, Trump represents the opposite of the Christian faith. He represents; homophobia, islamophobia, xenophobia, colonialism, neoliberalism, sexism, misogyny and racism.

Like I said in the Author’s note, this was a hard thing for me to write and open up about, I hope you respect that. I also challenge you to comment something, but please if you disagree with me, don’t link to my arguments by spreading hate. If you spread hate, you are proving that everything I have said is true. I also challenge you to post a list of who you are, so you can see how you too are different from the comment before you and the comment after you. Our differences are good, don’t let them separate us.

We are stronger together!

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Rosabel Sanchez is a woman who loves God- serves Him with great humbleness, loves her family and friends- serves them with great love, and love life with such a great appreciation for all that she has been blessed with. She, her husband and 4 children lead two churches on the southwest-side of Chicago, where they all live. As I embark on this new journey, I pray and hope I can become a part of one of your daily practices- your morning inspiration, your afternoon break from the world, or your evening cool down. So join me with a cup of your choice- coffee, tea, chocolate- and you will be blessed with encouraging words to warm your heart & soul.

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